The Conference will provide guidelines for further actions in each sphere of the society during the building information society process and the challenges emerging from the process.

The Conference is organised within the National Strategy for Information Society as part of the efforts toward meeting the priority needs – raising public awareness and enhancing the knowledge in this sphere by the speeches given by international and local experts. Representatives of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, OSCE, international development organisations, local self-government, media, civic and business sector will participate in the Conference.

The conference will cover the following topics:

    • e-government          • copyrights and privacy
    • e-business               • cyber-crime
    • e-education              • freedom of the media on the internet

In order to facilitate further civic participation in the development of the e-society, public panel discussions in Ohrid, Skopje, Bitola, and Tetovo will follow the conference.

Individuals and organisations interested in participation in the Conference and the panel discussions can obtain more information via the e-mail address

Download the draft agenda for the Conference (PDF, 98 KB)