(December 24-26, 2014, Bosnia) Representatives of the regional “ACTION SEE” Network discussed further activities to be implemented by the network. The three-day meeting was attended by representatives of the four organizations involved, from four different countries from the Balkans: “Metamorphosis” from Macedonia, “CDT” from Montenegro, “Zasto Ne” from Bosnia and Herzegovina and “CRTA” from Serbia.

The three-day meeting started with the planning of the trainings to be held over the next year in each country of the network, within the framework of the Data Academy project. There was a general discussion about the trainings, the agenda, the roles and the curriculum. During the other two days, the organizations discussed about other projects and issues that they will be working on, and there was also a detailed discussion about this year’s POINT conference, which will be held in the spring in Sarajevo.

The four organizations from the former Yugoslav republics form the regional “Action SEE” network through which they will work together to promote and ensure accountability and transparency of authorities in Southeast Europe. Organizations strive to increase cooperation in the area of transparency and accountability of the authorities in the countries of the region, implementing common observation, public information, cooperation and mutual dialogue on these issues.