All the photographs that were published in the “Creative commons contest” category have been placed in a special gallery at the Creative Commons Macedonia website.

Seventy-one photographs were submitted for the competition, licensed under the CC Attribution license. They are now moved to the “Photographs” category, along with the others that are not submitted for the contest. No videos were submitted for the contest.

The results of the contest will be announced on the 23rd of October. The best 5 photographs will be selected, and their creators will be awarded Creative Commons t-shirts. The owner of the best photograph will be awarded with a mobile phone and a t-shirt.

The selection will be made by an expert jury comprised by: Joichi Ito – president of the Creative Commons management board, Kalina Bunevska – Isakovska – Director of the Contemporary Arts Center, Oliver Musovik – fine arts artist, Robert Jankulovski – photographer and Irina Shumadieva – representative of Creative Commons Macedonia.