On April 18, 2005 another digital clubhouse in the village Bogomila has been established. Citizens, pupils from the local elementary school, representatives from various organizations and media attended the opening ceremony.

The digital clubhouse Bogomila is located in the Cultural centre in the village. Bogomila has 600 inhabitants and it is 50 kilometers far from Veles. With the decentralization Bogomila is in the realms of the municipality Chashka. Interesting fact is that the clubhouse has been established in the moments when, as citizens said, some facilities like police station, the pharmacy store and public enterprises’ offices are going to be closed. They said that digital clubhouse is the only place where they can obtain information.

The digital clubhouse will have internet access, and computer courses will be organized, and people can play games, and can print and scan documents. The digital clubhouse is opened in the realms of Digital Clubhouses Project implemented by the Foundation Metamorphosis and supported by the Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia. Environment association Green Power implements the project on the local level.