On April 8, 2005 another digital clubhouse in the village Debreshe near Gostivar has been established. Citizens of Debreshe, pupils from the local school and local media attended the opening ceremony.

Mr. Gazmend Abdija, president of the local initiator for the digital clubhouse NGO Future opened the club, and Mr. Sedali Saliku former consul in Italy and Mr. Shuip Sulejmani, secretary in the local elementary school Faik Konoca gave their speeches.
They said that the digital clubhouse is an advantage for the people of Debreshe and that it will contribute to development of information and communication technology in the area.
“The club allows young people to be part of the digital era and modern society” – said Mr. Sulejmani.

On the opening evening people of Debreshe were allowed to use Internet for free.

The digital clubhouse is opened in the realms of Digital Clubhouses Project implemented by the Foundation Metamorphosis and supported by the Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia.