The Ministry of Information Society and Administration published the draft 2018-2020 Open Data Strategy and Action Plan, drafted by representatives of Metamorphosis Foundation.

2018-2020 Open Data Strategy defines the strategic goals that will stoke the publishing and using of open data. The objective is to increase the transparency and accountability of state institutions, enhance the quality of services they offer as well as to inspire innovations in and out of the public sector.

The Open Data Strategy aims at creating a dynamic ecosystem of open data where data is produced, opened, enriched, and reused by various stakeholders from the public, private, academic and civil sector. This will lead to improving the delivery of services and efficiency on the part of the public sector and will contribute toward increasing citizens’ engagement.

By doing so, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration fights corruption and contributes toward the creation of innovative climate with new economic opportunities for the business sector.

The Strategy has been drafted within the Support of Public Administration Reform Process project, funded by the British Embassy Skopje. The working group consisted of representatives of state institutions, civil, private and academic sector as well as local experts worked on creating the Strategy. Moreover, the process of creating the Strategy included the renowned British expert, Mr. Andrew Stott, one of the open data pioneers.

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration calls all interested parties to send their comments to not later than 27 June.