“Our Small Festival” is dedicated to raising the cultural awareness and the level of informal education of children, integrating a number of educational workshops in its program, as well as screenings of European children’s films and entertainment content.

The primary purpose of the educational activities is to enable children to enrich their knowledge outside of formal education by participating in workshops specially designed to incite the creative side of their personality, whereas the European film program offers an exceptional selection of films for children as the target audience, which is an additional incentive for expansion of the cultural horizons in the right direction, and for the development of the child’s personality in general.

“Our Small Festival” is organized by “Nase Maalo Produkcija” on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, the EU Office in Skopje, the Metamorphosis Foundation, municipalities Veles and Chair and the Cultural-Information Center of the Serbs in Macedonia.

The Metamorphosis Foundation will organize two workshops at the festival: “The Need for Reuse” for creating small e-waste items, creatively reusing e-waste for making useful items, and “Safe chat by being careful on the net”, as an opportunity for children to play games, watch short films and participate in short animated quizzes, receiving important advice that they need keep in mind when using the internet.

Participation in the festival is free, and the House of ARM will be open to all visitors from 10:00-16:00h over the three days of the festival.

For additional information, please visit the festival’s Facebook event.