otvoranje-na-seminarot-malaThe seminar was held in the hotel “Klimetica” in Ohrid, and there were 37 participants and 8 people working as organizers, presenters and moderators. Some of the 37 participants were representatives of the NGOs that should take on the role of educators in the schools after the seminar whereas the others were teachers in the schools who had the opportunity to attend the seminar to later convey this knowledge to the students.

Upon the arrival at the hotel, a brief presentation was held on the project and its goals, the educational materials intended for the participants were distributed and the role and duties of every educator were elaborated.
In brief, the prerequisite for an NGO representative to take on the role of an educator was to attend this seminar where he could acquire the necessary knowledge and information. Furthermore, each of the educators should conduct 5 educational presentations in all the schools in the city he is coming from. Three of these presentations are intended for children’s education on safe Internet usage, one is intended for their parents, whereas the last one should encompass the teachers. This activity should be finalized by the end of May, and regular reports will be prepared for each of the presentations. The presentations are available for download on our website, and they can also be used for other educational purposes. The presentation for the children is intended for the students in the elementary schools from 1st to 6th grade whereas the presentation for teenagers should be used for the group of pupils in the 7th and 8th grade and for the high school students.

The education will be conducted in 28 elementary and high schools throughout these Macedonian cities: Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Shtip, Kumanovo, Delchevo, Ohrid, Struga, Tetovo, Gostivar and Kavadarci. The educational presentations will be held in 18 Macedonian and 10 Albanian schools in these cities. Sixteen of these schools are elementary, and 12 are secondary schools.

The second day began with two parallel sessions held in two meeting rooms where the participants were divided in groups. A workshop on children’s rights on the internet was conducted for the first group by Gordana Pirkovska – Zmijanac and Dragi Zmijanac from Megjashi , and Elena Stojanovska from the Directorate for Personal Data Protection had a presentation on the personal data in general, personal data on the internet, precaution measures, and presented cases of online personal data abuse that were reported in the Directorate. The second session had the same concept, but the groups exchanged their places and every seminar participant had the opportunity to get the necessary preparation for what was coming afterwards.

prezentacija-metamorfozis-malaThe third session gathered both groups together and the material intended for use in the schools (children’s rights on the internet – safe and protected) was presented to the educators. Irina Shumadieva from the Metamorphosis Foundation held the presentation, encompassing four presentations intended for each of the target groups, the publications that were to be distributed to the students, i.e. the poster with the “Children’s Bill of Rights on the Internet”, the flyer “Be smart on the Internet” as well as the brochure on online personal data protection. Eventually, the project website was reviewed, since it is also intended for all the categories of visitors. The three-hour session was followed by a group dinner in the “Klimetica” restaurant in Struga.

During the last day, a workshop was organized during which the participants were divided in groups according to the cities they were coming from. The groups had a task to prepare a plan for the school presentations, the steps that they were planning to take, their responsibilities etc., and there was also some space left for ideas for organizing a class on this topic, ideas that could be used for this type of education. The plans were later presented by each group’s representative. Simultaneously, educational materials for the students were handed out in the other meeting room, as well as the evaluation questionnaires that were to be filled out by the teachers, parents, children and high school students before the presentations. In the end, some time was left for questions and suggestions that were discussed on a group meeting.
The seminar ended after the lunch, the participants were satisfied with the program at the event and demonstrated great motivation for their work which they should do in the following period. According to their reactions and comments, the expectations for conducting the education throughout the schools in Macedonia are positive and guarantee success.