The lecture is to be held on June 3 (Thursday), in the “Millennium 2” hall of the Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje (18:00h). Entrance is free.

Richard Stallman is the founder of the free software movement and the GNU project. He started his career at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. At a time when there was no software industry, his programs were widely used across universities in the United States, and he has gained a lot of respect from his colleagues due to his skills and ability. He is also the author of GNU and the GNU General Public License, the basis for the GNU/Linux operative system.

This event is part of the project “National Free and Open Source Software Policy” conducted by Free Software Macedonia, supported by the Metamorphosis Foundation and FOSIM in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society. The Free Software Foundation also assisted the organization of the event.

Source: Free Software Macedonia