The final event within the framework of the project “Investigative journalism, guardian of human rights and freedoms” saw the presentation of the investigative video story “Who ties the hands of the journalists and how they can be untied – Detention”. The story, envisaged as case study, deals with problems journalists face while obtaining information from state institutions. The research was focused on detention in the Macedonian judicial system over the course of 2016. During the research, our researchers consulted multiple experts from the judiciary, civil sector and journalists as well. The right of free access to public information was exercised pursuant to the Law.

Прв дел Втор дел Трет дел

After the video presentation of the story, the participants debated on the need of amending the Law on Access to Public Information as well as the need of greater openness of institutions when it comes to availability of public information.


Sashka Cvetkovska pointed out that the high-priced information limits the right of information of all citizens, especially journalists. The high-priced information and data are part of the problems the socially endangered groups face when it comes to their access to justice, Cvetkovska stressed.

Further, the attendees discussed to what extent the access to state institutions via internet is for their promotion, to what extent it is used only as PR tool, and how much it really is service for citizens.

This project was implemented by Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society, and was financed by the European Union and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Skopje, through the Center for Change Management.