Today in the premises of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Minister Damjan Mančevski welcomed the representatives of the Center for Education and Innovative Learning – STEMLAB from Tetovo, together with the children who were part of the “AMiZon” event within the project “Meet and Code 2019”.

The Metamorphosis representative informed that StemLab’s “AMiZon” event was selected among the top 12 projects from over 1,200 events organized in 25 European countries, during “Europe Code Week” held from 5-20 October 2019.

Minister Mančevski welcomed the finalists, wishing them a safe trip to Budapest and a successful presentation of the project. The Minister emphasized the benefits of digitalization and development of the information society, recommending that the development of digital skills should be encouraged from a young age.

Representatives of StemLab and the children attending the AMiZon event informed the Minister that they had programmed a drone to help evacuate people in the event of a wildfire. This event has been selected as a finalist in the “Planet Coding” category, along with two more events, one from Germany and one from Poland, to compete for the first place. The winner will be announced at the closing event of the project, that will be held in March 2020, in Budapest, Hungary, where the winner will receive a prize of 2,000 euros.

The “Meet and Code 2019” project was implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation in partnership with “Haus des Stiftens gGmbH” from Germany and “Techsoup Europe” with financial support from the German software company SAP.