Training for finding information on Internet by using search engines was organized on May 26, 2005 from 15:00 to 17:00 in the premises of the Foundation Metamorphosis. The training was intended for journalist and editors.

The training was conducted by Mr. Petar Kajevski, MA, expert on search engines and creator of the only Macedonian search engine – Najdi.

The training consisted of two parts – theoretical and practical part. During the theoretical part Mr. Pajevski presented various search techniques. He presented the most popular search engines and how they work. He explained the main differences between Google – the world’s most popular search engine and Najdi, the only Macedonian search engine.

In addition, the trainer presented the problems that can emerge when searching for content in Macedonian. At the end of the theoretical part Mr. Kajevski presented the advanced search operators used by Google and Najdi. During the practical part of the training the participants implemented the knowledge acquired during the training.

6 journalist from Macedonian electronic and paper-based media attended the training.

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