This multi-stakeholder gathering provides a unique opportunity for participants to share information, experiences and best practices aiming to contribute to a better understanding of how the Internet can be used to its full potential for the benefit of all peoples. The Internet Governance Forum is not a decision-making body, but a space for dialogue for all stakeholders to discuss Internet governance issues.

The agenda is structured along the following themes:

  • openness – freedom of expression, free flow of information, ideas and knowledge;
  • security – creating trust and confidence through collaboration;
  • diversity – promoting multilingualism and local content;
  • access – Internet connectivity, policy and cost. 

Capacity building is also treated as a cross-cutting priority and discussions on this theme will focus on what needs to be done to ensure meaningful participation of stakeholders from developing countries in matters of public policy that may arise in the management of the Internet.

Delegation from the Republic of Macedonia headed by the Minister Gligor Tashkovikj participates in the Forum. Mr. Bardhyl Jashari represents the Metamorphosis Foundation at the Forum. More information about the results and recommendations from the Forum will be published on our site next week.