On the occasion of Software Freedom Day (September 16th) , Metamorphosis Foundation will publish “Get Your Job Done!” CD containing free source software.

The CD contains free source software in Macedonian and English language for:

  • Office: text processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases – OpenOffice.org with tutorials in Macedonian language
  • Internet: browsing and e-mail – Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Manipulation with images, photos and documents in various formats – GIMP, PDF Creator
  • And 11 games

Free software is completely legal, and the copyright owners allow usage, development, localization, copying and sharing of the software. Apart from practical benefit for home and office use, the use of high quality free software contributes to decrease the privacy rate in Macedonia and building culture of free knowledge sharing.

From September 16th, 2006 (Saturday) the CD will be available through the distribution network of Vreme daily newspaper for symbolic price of 50 denars.
The CD has been developed within the Free and open source software project implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation and financed by Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia and Open Society Institute Budapest .

With translation, proofreading and testing, experts (IT experts, proofreaders, translators) and great number of voluntaries through series of activities organized in cooperation with the NGO Free Software Macedonia participated in development of the CD.