With a guerrilla action for raising public awareness, the Metamorphosis Foundation joined this year’s international action Freedom Not Fear.

As a part of the action, a van with huge satellite antenna, symbolizing the so called “foreign intelligence services” and that had Freedom Not Fear written on it, visited the buildings of the Special Prosecution Office, the Macedonian Radio Television, SDSM and the State Election Commission as well as the buildings of several ministries.


The activists were handing leaflets that said “Mass wiretapping – Administration for Security and Counterintelligence. Brought to you by the Macedonian telecom operators” and mobile phone stickers that said “This device is being wiretapped” and “Spied device”.


The international Freedom Not Fear movement is supporting the following basic principles:

• We want freedom of speech in a digitalized world and a free and uncensored internet to express ourselves;

• We want privacy in the knowledge society, not surveillance;

• We want to live in freedom, not in fear.


This year’s international days for this action are 14 – 17 October.

Macedonia is participating in Freedom Not Fear since 2008.

Find more information about the movement on global level by visiting www.freedomnotfear.org.