Platform against hate speech[1] condemns the demolition of the Museum of the Albanian alphabet in Bitola[2]. Namely, on November 22, the Albanian Alphabet Day, unknown perpetrators vandalized the Museum of the Albanian alphabet in Bitola, by writing a text that contains hate speech against ethnicity i.e. sends insulting and humiliating messages to the Albanian ethnic community. This is fourth such attack on the Museum. The previous incident took place only 10 days ago[3], when a swastika was drawn on the entrance door, whereas the first and the second incident took place in May and July 2013[4].

The Platform calls the authorities to take urgent measures for prosecuting and punishing of the perpetrators. We call the competent state institutions, the Ministry of Interior, public prosecution offices and courts, to take urgent and immediate measures for prosecution of hate speech. We remind that the impunity of dissemination and promotion of hate speech in public space represents tolerance and justification of hate speech. What’s more, it can provoke hate-based actions. A democratic society that promotes tolerance, equality and coexistence, should not leave space for the existence of hate speech and tolerate its use.

[1] Members of the Platform are: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, LGBTI Support Center, Metamorphosis – Foundation for Internet and Society, Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM), CIVIL MK, Pactic – Prilep, Multikultura – Tetovo, Youth Educational Forum (YEF)