On 10th of December 2005, as part of the NGO Fair 2005, the Foundation Metamorphosis organised educational session “ICT for more efficient local governments”.

Fillip Stojanovski, project coordinator, Foundation Metamorphosis, presented the advantages of e-governance on local level.
Novica Nakov, Free Software Macedonia, addressed the advantages of implementing FOSS in the local self-government units. Follow the link to read his speech.
Zoran GLogorov, IT expert form the USAID/MDW project presented the Catalogue of Local Government Electronic Services.
Sashko Ristovski, Manager of the sector for economical development and IT, Veles Municipality, talked about the progress of the Veles municipality in ICT implementation and usage for more efficient work.

The event was hosted and moderated by Jovan Petrov, Board Member of the Foundation Metamorphosis.

NGO representatives, representatives from several municipalities, as well as representatives of business sector and the media attended the session.