Dear all,

Metamorphosis Foundation is pleased to invite representatives of civil society organizations and journalists to participate in a training on “Personal Data Protection in the process of digitalization of public services.” The training will be held at the venue “MladiHub” located at Dimitrija Cupovski Street, no.7 in Skopje. (You can see the location here).

The participants in the training will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Law on Personal Data Protection and its importance in the process of digitalization of public services, i.e. in the delivery of digital public services. As a result of the training, the representatives of the civil society organizations and the media are expected to strengthen their skills for communicating the topics in the field of personal data protection with their target groups, to promote the importance of personal data protection and to advocate for effective protection of the personal data of the citizens by the institutions.

The agenda be accessed at this link, and the registration is done by filling in the form available on this link.


Should you have any further questions regarding the training, please contact us at




Metamorphosis Foundation