The Metamorphosis Foundation invites representatives of civil society organizations, institutions, media and all other individuals who want to discuss and learn more about “How to communicate safely on the Internet” at the ninth “Privacy Talk” to be held on the 1 July, starting at 3:00 p.m., at the Aleksandar Square hotel (Nikola Vaptsarov St., no. 13A in Skopje. You can see the location at this link.)

Participants in the meeting will have the opportunity to receive advice on what they can do to ensure that their conversations through the most used communication applications (Viber, Mail, Messenger, Instagram…) are protected from unauthorized access, as well as to contribute to the discussion by sharing their experiences and views on the subject.

You can find the agenda for the event at this link.

We ask everyone who wants to attend the event to fill out this form.

For participants coming from another city, travel expenses for participation in the meeting will be refunded in the amount of a return bus ticket.