Part of the Metamorphosis Foundation team had the opportunity to attend the Master class on the topic “From silence to action”, which was held on September 30 in Skopje. The event was organized by the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative – RAI.

In the first part of the training, communications expert Kenan Kurtikj, in his presentation, gave examples of communication campaigns that had a strong impact on citizens and contributed to serious changes for the better in the community. Special focus was put on how to build a communication strategy, what is the starting point and what mechanisms should be used if we want successful communication campaigns.

In the second part of the training led by communication expert Mark Worth, the participants had the opportunity to discover through practical exercises how important it is to communicate with the public, what kind of rhetoric is more acceptable to our audience, and how to prepare an article title that surely will grab the attention of our audience.

This project aims to inform and educate the general public, especially young people, about the vital role that whistleblowers play in the fight against corruption and about the rights and protections that whistleblowers should benefit from. The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) is the only intergovernmental organization exclusively dedicated to the fight against corruption in Southeast Europe. RAI works to improve the protection of whistleblowers through better laws and strengthening the capacities of institutions to implement these laws, following the EU Directive on the Protection of Whistleblowers adopted in 2019.