Metamorphosis was part of the fourth annual Conference “Privacy Week” organised by Partners for Democratic Change Serbia in Belgrade, in order to mark the International Day of Personal Data Protection. The event was organized to increase the public’s understanding of the variety of issues facing citizens’ right to privacy, how to defend citizens’ right to privacy, and larger discussions about the state of privacy protection within Serbia and globally. Privacy Week gives public officials, civil society, the private sector, and the public space to discuss, increase mutual understanding, and initiate change. The aim of Privacy Week is to provide an overview of the achieved standards and problems in the implementation of the existing privacy and personal data protection legal framework, as well as to propose solutions that can help improve the current state of affairs in this area. Every year, Privacy Week focuses on the use of new technologies and international trends that have an impact on the exercise and protection of the right to privacy. Privacy Week is organized as a hybrid event with the possibility to participate live, in person or online.
The opening panel titled “Choose privacy – the role of personal data in a global election year“, gathered relevant experts from the Western Balkan region and beyond among which: Đorđe Bojović, advisor for the Western Balkans, European Parliament, Tijana Cvjetićanin, program director of UG “Why not?” (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Angela Trajić, member of the legal team at CRTA (Serbia), Goran Rizaov, program manager for Media and democracy, Metamorphosis Foundation (North Macedonia) and Montserrat Legorreta, Program Associate at the Global Network Initiative.
Rizaov spoke about the threats of deepfake audio and video in the context of changing public perception in election campaigns, and the importance of education from an early age as well as the constant work on improving media literacy of the population. He also tackled the importance of disinformation’s role in the election process. Rizaov further called for taking a regional approach in addressing this issue as individually we are small individually, but as a whole we can confront big tech companies for better privacy protection.
The whole panel can be seen on the video below.