Source: Feminism And Technology | The Good Robot Podcast

The Good Robot is a feminist and technology podcast created by Dr Eleanor Drage and Dr Kerry McInerney where the ask experts: what is good technology? Is ‘good’ technology even possible? And how can feminism help us work towards it? Each week, they invite scholars, industry practitioners, activists, and more to provide their unique perspective on what feminism can bring to the tech industry and the way that we think about technology. With each conversation, the Good Robot asks how feminism can provide new perspectives on technology’s biggest problems.

In the podcast episode “Can you own your data”, Dr Eleanor Drage and Dr Kerry McInerney talk about what digital sovereignty is and what it means for you and your data. They tackle these issues with civic and digital rights activists from Europe and the Western Balkans, among which also Metamorphosis Foundation represented through Mila Josifovska Danilovska, programme manager for social accountability and human rights online.

“When it comes to good technology or ‘tech for good’, I would always say it’s civic-centric technology that’s based on the needs and priorities of the citizens with a primary goal of improving their lives. Now, of course it needs to be accessible as it currently isn’t (to everyone), transparent in the way it was manufactured, in how it functions, user-friendly and understandable to the users, but also inclusive in all of its processes: from the mapping out of the needs, to the designing processes, to how it will function, and it should not be discriminatory to any groups but it should be open to a diverse plethora of stakeholders who could benefit from it.” – Josifovska Danilovska shares.

Listen to the whole podcast here.