The Paraguayan Senate will vote on a data retention mandate – one of the worst anti-privacy bills we’ve yet seen in Paraguay. The bill will compel Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to keep, for a period of 12 months, the details of who communicates with whom, for how long, and from where if you use a mobile phone or any device that connects to the Internet. It will allow authorities to have access to this historical data with a court order, providing geo-localized information that reveals the whereabouts of Paraguayans across time.

The bill, dubbed “Pyrawebs”, is a big deal: its data retention mandate is a disproportionate measure that should be roundly rejected. With only 48 hours to support our friends at TEDIC to stop the bill, EFF is asking for your rapid support by:

1. Signing the Open Letter: Sign the Open Letter to the Paraguayan Senate (NGOs only). We’ll release the letter this Thursday morning for the vote on the bill in the Paraguayan Senate. Sign the open letter and send your signature to David Bogado: .

2. Spreading the word about Pyrawebs’ issues: Use the hashtag #Pyrawebs.

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