The members of the formed network of NGOs and schools that were participating in the seminar held in Ohrid will be the educators for these presentations. The new educational presentations will take place in: Ohrid, Kavadarci, Shtip, Bitola, Skopje, Delchevo, Prilep, Tetovo and Kumanovo, as well as in the city of Veles, which was not included in this kind of an education up to now. More than 20 educators will participate in the program and cover 50 schools. All the presentations are projected to be conducted during the first half of this month.

As in the first phase, when a total of 28 schools were encompassed, the educations will include a presentation, interactive discussion and distribution of educational materials to the students, parents, teachers and the schools. Aside from the poster, the brochure and the flyer , i.e. the publications intended for the children, this time samples of the ICT Guide that was published for the teachers and parents will also be distributed.  Its title is Safe on the internet and this is the fifth ICT guide published by the Metamorphosis Foundation.

You can find below the list of schools where the educational presentations for children’s safe internet usage will take place, a list that will be expanded in the following period with the receipt of new applications from the educators and confirmations of interest by the schools. Some of these schools were included in the first educational cycle, but this time the educations will cover other groups of children, whereas in most of the schools this type of educations will be realized for the first time.

List of schools for the new educational presentations