Within USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, starting today, 1 June 2021, a new wave of measuring the openness of the local self-government units in the Republic of North Macedonia begins.

Metamorphosis Foundation, in partnership with Quantum Prima – Kavadarci, Center for Intercultural Dialogue – Kumanovo, Association Multiculture – Tetovo, Foundation for Local Community Development – Štip, Center for Social Innovation Blink 42-21 – Skopje, Local Development Agency – Struga, ACTAC Prilep and Sky Plus Strumica will conduct monitoring of all municipalities in our country.

The measurement of the openness of municipalities will be conducted according to the Openness Index which is a composite indicator that determines the degree of openness of the institutions to the citizens and the society and is created in order to define the degree to which the citizens receive convenient and understandable information from the institutions.

In order to measure the degree of institutional openness, following the legal regulations, international standards, recommendations, as well as good practices, the Openness Index monitors LSGUs according to special quantitative and qualitative indicators, which refer to the access to information on the official websites, published data on the operation of the institution, public procurement, information on spending public money, etc.

After the measurement of the openness of the municipalities, and based on the analyzed data, the Metamorphosis Foundation will prepare a public policy document and will organize an advocacy campaign in order to help the municipalities in promoting their openness to the citizens.