Metamorphosis Foundation initiates the establishment of an informal network of media and investigative journalists that will contribute to the fight against disinformation based on a transparent and professional methodology.

Network members will have access to quality training as well as the opportunity to be engaged in the production of media content related to exposing and explaining disinformation and media manipulation. In addition, members will have the opportunity to stream and republish professionally produced content from the network through their channels, enabling an increase in the number and diversity of their audience.

The purpose of this approach is to form a community of professional journalists and media that will develop quality information and educational resources to raise public awareness about the phenomenon of disinformation. This, in turn, will contribute to strengthening media literacy, and advocate for an appropriate approach to this issue on the level of public policies.

If you are interested in joining the network, please contact Qendresa Sulejmani at or 075 244249.