We invite you to take part in the webinar on the topic “Introduction to cyber-security and safety” which will be held on 14 December starting at 17:00 – 18:40.

During the webinar participants will be able to learn to spot suspicious online activity (e.g. phishing mails), properly analyze their digital print, learn about the different levels and layers of cyber-security and privacy protection, and be able to characterize their weakest links in terms of security (including the security of their organization).

The ultimate goal is for participants to understand the value of privacy and security and to become aware that they can protect themselves in the digital world.

The webinar is open for representatives of civil society organizations, media, journalists and teaching staff.

The trainer of this webinar is Goce Arsovski, program support officer in Metamorphosis Foundation. He is a psychologist, researcher and experienced trainer, working in the NGO sector for the past 7 years. During this time, he has delivered dozens of trainings and webinars on topics such as utilizing open educational resources, social media campaigns for advocacy, cyber-security and safety, data analysis and data visualization, institutional openness and transparency, and many others.

Note: Working language of the webinar is English and all interested individuals from North Macedonia and Kosovo are invited to participate.

For details and how to apply for the webinar click on this link.