The ACTION SEE network – Network for Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness in Southeast Europe, with the support of the National Fund for Democracy through the Using New Media to Promote Government Transparency project, started the seventh wave of measurements of the openness of the executive and legislative authorities in four countries of the region ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro) through the Openness Index.

The Openness Index is a composite indicator that for 6 years in a row has determined the degree of openness of state institutions from the Western Balkans towards citizens and society and was created in order to define the extent to which the citizens of the Western Balkans receive convenient and understandable information from the institutions.

To measure the degree of institutional openness, ACTION SEE network partners, following international standards, recommendations, as well as examples of good practices, monitor institutions according to specific quantitative and qualitative indicators, such as: access to information on official websites of the institutions, the quality of the legal framework for certain issues, other sources of public information, published data on the operation of the institution, public procurement, information on the spending of public money, etc.

Based on the sixth wave of measurements that was carried out during 2021-2022, the publication ” Assessment of good governance in North Macedonia and the region through the Openness Index – Assembly and Executive branch of power – 2021 measurement” was produced, in which, in addition to the main conclusions about the openness of individual institutions, specific recommendations and steps for improving the openness of the same are also contained.

The Using New Media to Promote Government Transparency project is implemented by the Foundation for Internet and Society, “Metamorphosis”, together with other partners from the region, Center for Democratic Transition (Montenegro), Civic Association Why not? (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability – CRTA (Serbia).

The activities are part of the project “Transparency and accountability of state institutions in RSM” implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with financial support from the Open Society Foundation-Macedonia.