The 2023 OECD Global Forum on Anti-Corruption and Integrity was held on May 24-25 2023, in Paris, France. Marijana Janceska participated in the forum as a representative of the Metamorphosis Foundation, within the framework of the ACTION SEE project.

Supported by the ACTION SEE project, the forum was attended by Maja Milikic from the non-governmental organization CEMI and Bogdan Pipovic from the organization Juventas, from Montenegro; as well as Hasani Albana from the organization Levizja Fol and Saranda Ramaj from the Columbus Institute from Kosovo.

The 2023 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum focuses on policy solutions and business innovations that strengthen integrity and fight corruption.

International cooperation among like-minded people is key to dealing with many of today’s crises – rising inflation, deepening food and energy insecurity, and accelerating climate change. Corruption and lack of integrity can be found at the core of many of these challenges and exacerbate their effects on citizens, business and government. Tackling issues such as mismanagement of public funds, international bribery, tax fraud and opaque lobbying practices requires the public and private sectors to stand firm and work together.

The conclusion of the two-day forum is that we need actions that translate into impact; solutions that serve everyone, not just a select few.