According to the organizers, the Youth Educational Forum (YEF), the conference gathered 250 guests physically present in the venue of Cinema Frosina, and 900 viewers of the live video stream, 18 speakers and several dozens performers between the sessions. The goal of this event was to exchange positive practices, examples and experiences about efficient and effective activism, both online and offline. The content was categorized in three thematic segments: mobilisation, idea, and action.

EngageAt ENGAGE, Metamorphosis Foundation representative Filip Stojanovski held a presentation about Global Voices, from the viewpoint of civic activism in Macedonia. He relayed experiences as author/correspondent and translator, stressing the importance of involvement into this volunteer-based community for bloggers and other activists who would like to increase visibility of civic initiatives at international level, first in English and then in tens of other languages. On the other hand, the volunteer translators contribute to input of new knowledge and expanding of views within their own cultures.

 Photo: Vanco Dzambaski

Two other representatives of Global Voices in Macedonian and Albanian language also participated in ENGAGE – the editor Elena Ignatova and Tamara Resavska, providing logistic support for the potential volunteers from the audience. As a result of the presentation, three ENGAGE participants applied on the spot to join.

Vančo Džambaski and Vesna Ilievska published photographs from ENGAGE under Creative Commons licenses. Radio MOF published official photo-gallery by Vladimir Čalovski, as well as the video documentation via the YEF YouTube channel. All ENGAGE presentations were published by