A representative of Metamorphosis was a guest at the training organized by ‘Exquisite’ , as the third training in the series of trainings they are conducting in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in order to encourage self-employment and development of the entrepreneurial spirit among young people.

The presentation was a detailed ‘step by step’ guide to writing a privacy policy based on the services offered by the website, and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia.


Participants received copies of the guide ‘How to make a privacy policy?’, a poster with the Privacy Pledge, and a guide ‘How do we protect our privacy on Facebook?

In case they establish their own e-store, participants were also stimulated to show that they care about the personal data protection of their users, adding the ‘Respect privacy’ badge.

The presentation is a continuation of the initiative of Metamorphosis to raise the awareness and knowledge about the need to establish appropriate privacy policies on the websites, which would result with an increase of the number of privacy policies.