The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society fully supports the Initiative for a referendum on the appearance of the City Trade Center (CTC) facade, launched by the Municipality of Centar and the citizens’ initiative “I love the CTC”.

We urge the members of the Council of the Municipality of Centar, and all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to support the initiative.

The support of the Metamorphosis Foundation for this referendum stems from its mission – to contribute to the development of democracy and to the improvement of the quality of life through an innovative application and dissemination of knowledge. The initiative for support of the referendum, as an institute providing the citizens with an opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to participate in the decision-making processes, is based on the core values of Metamorphosis: openness, equality and freedom.


The Metamorphosis Foundation supports active citizen participation through the use of all available mechanisms. In a modern society, democracy must not be reduced only to the participation of citizens in elections, but it should also include the protection of human rights, the involvement of all stakeholders in society in the decision-making processes, as well as the accountability of the government in between election cycles. The success of a modern society directly depends on the opportunities it provides to citizens for influencing the way they live and how their money is spent.

The referendum on the appearance of CTC’s facade is a culmination of the long process in which citizens, through petitions, public meetings, advocacy before the authorities, through the media, and the use of new technologies – the Internet and social networks, made it clear that they want to be asked for their opinion. All the individual members of the Council of the Municipality of Centar are obligated, as their elected representatives, to support this citizens’ request and allow the referendum to be held.