ccIn the Metamorphosis Foundation premises on September 22, 2006 at 11:00 the Working Group for Creative Commons Licenses for Macedonia held its first meeting.

Participants were: Jadranka Dabovikj –  Anastasovska and Neda Zdraveva from the Faculty of Law in Skopje, Slave Dimitrov, Dean Kjurkchiev and Slobodan Ivanovski representing Shpato – Association of music authors of the Republic of Macedonia and Komip Association, Biljana and Aleksandar Joanidis from the lawyer and patent office “Joanidis”, Mijalche Gjorgjiev, blogger, and Bardhyl Jashari, Filip Stojanovski, Jovan Petrov and Nikolche Mickoski representing the Metamorphosis Foundation.

Neda Zdraveva presented the idea of the Creative Commons licenses and the first draft translation and the comments on the first draft given by the legal experts Neda Zdraveva and Nenad Gavrilovikj, and asked whether the authors think that Macedonian creative community needs such licenses. She has also stressed that Creative Commons is association and not the copyright agency for representing the authors.
Jadranka Dabovikj Anastasovska stressed the problem of lack of knowledge about copyright. She noted that apart from the Faculty of Law that has a subject that treats copyright, no other faculty, especially the faculties that produce young authors such are the Music Academy, Art Academy, Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Philology, introduces copyright to the curricula, thus depriving the authors of the information about copyright on their works.

Slave Dimitrov noted that these licenses are more convenient and good for promotion of amateur authors. He added that Shpato Association has its own blog with database of music works that could be used under the similar conditions with those provided with the Creative Commons licenses.

Mijalche Gjorgjiev said that the content of his blog is licensed under the Creative Commons licenses and that he wants to share his opinions, attitudes and ideas on various topics with everybody and added that the citation rate has been increased because of his blog.
In the end, the participants agreed to send the opinions about the license in written.