The second training on “Photo-activism” aimed at improving the skills of journalists, bloggers and activists took place on February 13, 14 and 17, 2014. The training was held in the GEM club in Skopje, and was attended by 10 participants.

During the three-day training, participants had the chance to meet and learn more about the beginnings and the history of photo-activism, its significance in the past and today, as well as the societal changes caused by these photos.

In order to be successfully committed to photo-activism, participants acquired knowledge from the technical part of photography, tips for better composition in the creation of photographs, and skills for using advanced image processing applications.

The training was completed with a practical task by participants, i.e. taking photos of preset themes in order to practically apply what they have already learned. Below are some of the photographs taken during the training, selected by the participants as the best photographs.