ICT Tools Training for Online Journalism



Many online media outlets are being launched, while the quality of the processed information is being reduced due to the speed at which this information is disseminated. By improving the research skills of journalists, we will enhance their abilities to fully exploit the opportunities of the Internet as a source of information and as a tool for fast fact-checking.

The project will contribute to the increased use of the Internet by journalists during the process of research, publication and dissemination of information and upgrade and enhancement of the capacities of journalists for using the new online tools in their work process.

In terms of survival in the journalistic profession, the situation and trends require journalists to upgrade their knowledge and to master new work techniques, which means they should do more than just searching for information and shaping them in a journalistic text form. They need to become independent publishers for their online media, where they should know how to upload the photos, videos, images and relevant links by themselves. In some cases, they themselves need to be creators of photographs, video content and other types of multimedia material, which they should edit and post online.