The final meeting of the working group for drafting the Transparency Strategy was held on October 20, 2023, in the premises of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The meeting was attended by the hired experts, Irena Bojadzievska and Natalija Shikova, representatives of several ministries, state authorities, as well as representatives of media associations and civil society organizations. The comments received after the two public hearings organized on September 11 and October 4 were considered and adopted. Future steps in terms of finalizing the text and accompanying action plan were agreed.

The new Strategy for transparency of the government with action plan (2023-2026) should not just continue the commitments of the pervious strategy, but to give new guidelines and principles for improving the transparency of institutions. By strengthening the transparency of the Government and the state authorities, i.e. the institutions that answer to it, the confidence of the citizens will increase and the level of democratization of the state will be raised. The new Transparency Strategy foresees easier access to services, but also strengthening the accountability of institutions.

The activities are part of the project “Transparency and accountability of state institutions in RNM” implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with financial support from the Open Society Foundation-Macedonia.