In the session of December 6, the Government reviewed and approved the Strategy for Transparency of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, with an Action Plan for the period 2023-2026, proposed by the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance Policy, Slavica Gërkovska.

The priority areas, according to the Strategy, are: the advancement of active transparency, the advancement of access to public information, the advancement of fiscal transparency of the Government and other bodies of executive power, the advancement of the digital capabilities of institutions to facilitate and automate the opening process of data, as well as strengthening accountability mechanisms for policy making.

The measures are elaborated in more detail in the Action Plan for the period 2023-2026, where they are concretized with activities, the time frame of implementation, the assessment of the necessary financial resources for the realization of the activities, the bearers of the activities, as well as the institutions involved in the implementation of the activity.

The strategy is the result of the work of the group made up of representatives of civil society organizations, representatives of the media, the academic world and institutions, which is part of the support that the Metamorphosis Foundation offers within the framework of cooperation with the Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister Gerkovska and through the project “Transparency and accountability of state institutions in RMV”, which is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with the financial support of the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia.


The activities are part of the “Transparency and accountability of State Institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia” project, which is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation with financial support from the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia.