Analysis of the state of the Przhino Agreement


Today’s press briefing, held at the GEM club in Skopje at 11:00, saw the presentation of the analysis “The Long road to Przhino: Reforms first, then elections!”, authored by the Macedonian Centre for European Training, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia, NGO Info-centre, Foundation Open Society–Macedonia, Transparency Macedonia, Metamorphosis Foundation and the Human Rights Institute.

International mediators, primarily EU ambassador Aivo Orav and US ambassador Jess Baily, made efforts to set out a process that would solve the dilemma as to whether the conditions required to hold the elections have been met, sending a letter to PM Emil Dimitriev and the leaders of the four largest political parties in Macedonia. In the letter, they commit to preparing a precise assessment of the implementation of election reforms stated in the Przhino Agreement and the Emergency Reform Priorities.


Ahead of the publication of the joint EU Delegation and US Embassy assessment on February 20, 2016, seven civic organisations involved in regular and emergency monitoring analyses of several Przhino Agreement areas presented a short analysis of the state of affairs and problems in the three areas to be addressed in the letter.

The analysis contains conclusions and recommendations that provide an answer to a crucial issue: what remains to be done to create conditions for fair, democratic and free elections in Macedonia? The seven organisations have consistently supported the position that providing answers to this question is of much greater importance than the technical issue of setting the election date.

Download the analysis below.