For the thirteenth time in a row, Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society is organizing the international conference e-Society. The conference will take place on 22 November 2017 at Holiday Inn hotel in Skopje, and will address the topic of “Freedom and privacy” with special focus on media reforms.

In four separate sessions, twenty representatives of institutions, media organizations and the civil sector will participate in discussions with the aim to strengthen the public awareness on reform priorities and challenges in the media sphere.

According to Metamorphosis Foundation’s Executive Director, Bardhyl Jashari, is a conference envisaged as mutual space for networking and sharing experiences, but also as an opportunity for informative public debate, as the basic precondition for mutual communication between decision-makers, nongovernmental organizations and media.

“At the end, the conference will provide opportunity for creating coalition of civil society organizations and media for monitoring and advocacy of the implementation of reforms”, Jashari says.

The fact that Metamorphosis is organizing this international conference for the thirteenth time in a row demonstrates the prevailing need of such forum where all relevant stakeholders debate, therefore contribute toward the overall process of development of democratic processes in Macedonia, Jashari added.

All interested parties can take part in the conference by filling the registration form available at, not later than Friday, 17 November 2017, 13:00. The draft agenda is available at this website as well.

The Metamorphosis team is at your service for any additional information. You can reach us via e-mail ( or by dialing 02/3109 325.