Skopje, 25 May 2016

The Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Macedonia canceled the consultative meeting between the civil organizations and movements and the representatives of the EU member states embassies in Macedonia which was scheduled for today, 25 May, at 10AM. This decision of the international community is made after the pressure from the civil organizations and movements which did not agree to meet with a structure such as GDOM. In order to objectively and completely inform the public, we are sharing the joint position of the civil organizations and movements regarding this event.

On behalf of the organizations and movements that authored this address, we inform you that we made a decision not to participate in the consultations with the EU ambassador, Aivo Orav, and with the ambassadors of the EU member states in Macedonia, to which representatives of the so called movement GDOM that openly disseminate hatred and spur violence are invited as well.

We emphasize that we entirely support the efforts of the European Union and the member states for channeling of all democratic and civil capacities towards solving the current political crisis. However, we alert that our society cannot be democratized via conversations, negotiations and consultations with those who publicly request suspension of civil organizations, rubber bullets for the citizens that are protesting and concrete plates for the different-minded people.

Having in mind that it is indispensable to include independent representatives of the civil society in the process of solving the political crisis, we emphasize that those representatives must have minimal democratic capacities and they should respect the basic constitutional values of the Republic of Macedonia. Additionally, we see the civil society as an assemblage of individuals, groups, organizations, communities and movements that have clearly articulated political attitudes, which are not monolithic, but have honest intention to improve and democratize the society and to advocate the citizens’ interests. The calls for suspending NGOs, the lynch of different-minded people, spreading hatred and spurring violence are not and cannot be citizens’ interests, neither can push the process in democratic direction, nor can make a step towards solving the crisis.

We are warning that the inclusion and the recognition of such destructive structures in conversations, consultations and negotiations can additionally worsen the situation in the country, especially if you take into consideration that they are direct product and manifestation of the desires and the directives of the ruling party’s management, and not a representation of the citizens or the civil groups. Unfortunately, GDOM and other similar structures are a disguise for the duress and the blackmails provided to the citizens in order to attend counter-protests.

Our organizations and movements have put their capacities on disposal and are ready to take part in the crisis solving process, whether via analyses or policies proposals, or via establishing a direct link with the citizens for advocating their rights, needs and requests.


Citizens that are protesting for the Colorful Revolution/I protest


Institute for Human Rights

Coalition All for Fair Trials

LGBTI Support Center

Macedonian Center for European Training

Youth Educational Forum

Transparency Macedonia

Tribunus Civilis

Foundation Metamorphosis

Foundation Open Society – Macedonia

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia

HOPS – Healthy Options Skopje

Center for Civil Communications

Media Development Center

CIVIL – Center for Freedom