The forum is a place for meetings and exchange of knowledge and experiences between representatives of NGOs, local and central authorities, media and educational institutions. The program of this year’s forum covered three basic topics:

1. Economic globalization and international solidarity;
2. Europe for human rights and human rights for Europe;
3. Local authority and human rights: efficiency available for all.

Forty round tables were organized within the frames of the forum on topics related to three levels of consideration and action: world, European and local level. The goal of the forum was to incite the creation of international stakeholder networks in the area of human rights in order to practically conduct the human rights in the local communities.

The representative of the Metamorphosis Foundation – Bardhyl Jashari held a presentation on the topic “Decentralized cooperation for European future of Macedonia” in which he gave his view on the main challenges that Macedonia is facing on its road to the EU, as well as the role and benefits from the various international projects inciting cooperation between local communities from Macedonia and the EU. The project for cooperation between Macedonia and the Basse Normandie region in France (in which the Metamorphosis Foundation is also included) was presented as an example. In addition, he highlighted the role of the NGO sector and the active citizen participation.

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