On March 26, at 12:00 PM, a training on “Youth activism and freedom of expression in Macedonia” was held in Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia’s premises. This training, organized by the Union of Albanian Students in Secondary Schools in Macedonia, had Adrijana Selmani as a trainer who explained that freedom of expression is one of the key freedoms guarantied as human right. 12898408_953109441470656_8972419798106696799_oThe training was attended by 25 students from various secondary schools in the City of Skopje, members of the Union of Albanian Students in Secondary Schools in Macedonia. Also, many of students’ problems that haven’t been publicly told before were discussed in the training. 12891733_953109524803981_5679757295669735311_oDuring the training, Adrijana explained that if the students do not advocate their fundamental rights, they won’t be able to develop sound activism. 12592253_953109101470690_7873715128462503389_nBesides the training itself, the students had the possibility to exchange ideas that would improve their education, and also agreed that it would be great if they can associate with more students from throughout the country in order to exchange experiences as well as to contribute toward better education via plenty of cultural events, debates, workshops and training sessions.