The workshop will start with presentations by representatives from the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, giving keynote speeches about the challenges with waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste), and the legal framework in Macedonia. Next, a discussion will take place among participants regarding the future obligations of Macedonia regarding the implementation of the Law on management of electrical and electronic equipment and waste electrical and electronic equipment, what it would mean for businesses, citizens and how it could be easily implemented in practice. The workshop will end at 14:00 with a cocktail.

The workshop will be attended by representatives of the national networks from Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria, and it will be an opportunity for the countries involved in the project to share the experiences, challenges and methods for dealing with e-waste.

Participation can be confirmed by directly contacting Tamara Resavska, program assistant, via e-mail at tamara_AT_metamorphosis.org.mk or phone: 02/3109-325. We remain at your disposal for any additional information.