Our work on promoting the openness and transparency of the local self-government units continues. We call on the municipalities to support the Declaration on Openness, Accountability and Transparency of the Local Self-Government in North Macedonia, which will commit them to follow and respect the tenets and principles of openness and to undertake activities for continuous improvement of their policies for transparency and citizen inclusion in decision-making processes.

Within USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, the Metamorphosis Foundation is implementing several activities to improve the operation of local self-government units in the Republic of North Macedonia. In this regard, we assess the good governance at the local level according to the Openness Index, make recommendations for improving the situation and work directly with the municipalities, providing them with support and helping them promote their openness.

The Declaration on Openness, Accountability and Transparency of Local Self-Government in North Macedonia is accessible at the following link.

Municipalities interested in signing the Declaration can contact us at the following e-mail: goce@metamorphosis.org.mk