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“Error 403: Identity Forbidden” is an analytical report on the prevailing conversation on social media regarding North Macedonia’s accesion to European Union and NATO membership. Research conducted by Metamorphosis Foundation as part of IRI’s Beacon Project from November 2023 to January 2024 indicates that the issues of integration of North Macedonia in the European Union […]


This report is based on a continuous monitoring process of domestic media in North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted within the framework of the regional project Western Balkans Anti-Disinformation Hub: Exposing Malign Influences through Watchdog Journalism. It presents an overview of disinformation trends and narratives, their distribution between countries, and […]

Digital Agenda Observatory 2022 – Final research on the state of e-government development & digital literacy in the targeted Western Balkan countries

Digitalization in all spheres and for all social groups is an effective mechanism for improving the well-being of citizens. The need for digitalization became even more apparent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it pointed to the urgent need for mechanisms, tools and adapted regulation for better organization and a fully functioning society. In the […]

Disinformation trends and narratives in the Western Balkan region – Periodical report on media monitoring January –June 2022

Monitoring and mapping the flow of media content between countries in the Western Balkan region is essential to understanding how disinformation originating from external factors spreads so freely across country borders. In order to identify trends in media reporting, as well as key disinformation trends related to malign influences in the WB countries, monitoring of […]

Visualization: Prevention, detection and handling of cyber incidents

This infographic provides an answer to the question: “How (should) institutions prevent, detect and deal with cyber incidents?”, and its content is part of the research “Cyber Security and Human Rights in North Macedonia and the Balkans” Western: Governance and Stakeholder Mapping” can be found at this Link. This visualization was produced within the project […]

Visualization: The role and function of MKD-CIRT in the field of cyber security

Do you know the role of the National Computer Incident Response Center (MKD-CIRT) in the field of cyber security? The following infographic provides a brief overview of MKD-CIRT’s activities and offers recommendations for improving the handling of potential cyber threats. The research “Cyber Security and Human Rights in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans: Mapping […]

Cyber-security and Human Rights in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans: Mapping governance and actors

“A human-centric approach to defining cybersecurity means a focus not only on securing networks and services but also on how these networks and services can be used safely by all members of society.” This publication focuses on mapping cybersecurity-related human rights opportunities and challenges in North Macedonia, which represents an area that is under-explored in […]

Assessment of good governance in North Macedonia and the region through the Openness Index – Assembly and Executive branch of power – 2021 measurement

With support from USAID’s Civic Engagement Project and the National Endowment for Democracy, the Metamorphosis Foundation, in collaboration with partners from the regional network of CSOs – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in Southeast Europe (ACTION SEE), prepared an assessment of the state of good governance of the assemblies and executive branches of the […]

Openness Index for the Local Government for 2022

The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within the framework of the USAID Project for Civic Engagement, assessed the state of good governance in the local self-government units (LGUs) in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2022. The assessment is the result of a conducted research based on the Openness Index. The 2022 survey found […]

Monitoring the EU Integration Process – Fundamental rights: a framework exists, implementation varies and more money is needed everywhere

Although, in general, the basic freedoms and human rights are respected in RNM, structural discrimination still exists. Even with all the strategies and laws, implementation depends on management capabilities for the specific sectoral areas covered (children, Roma, anti-discrimination), but also on funding. According to all the experts we talked to, the development of the degree […]

DIGITAL AGENDA OBSERVATORY – Country Report and Roadmap for Digital Agenda advancement in North Macedonia (2022)

Digitization, i.e. the collection and use of online tools for their analysis and decision-making, is an important process that is expected to lead to the progress of society. In all spheres and for all social groups (without exception), digitalization is an effective mechanism for improving the well-being of citizens. Technology should be accepted as part […]


Knowledge from research and journalism is the basis for an advocacy initiative that brings together relevant stakeholders (government institutions, media associations, individual media, civil society organizations, the scientific and educational community, and the private sector) to counter the toxic effects of disinformation by creating an effective model with the inclusion of all stakeholders. Empirical data […]