Digital Agenda Observatory - Baseline research of the state of e-government development & digital literacy in the targeted Western Balkan countries 2020

The efforts in bringing the broadband internet to all the citizens of the Western Balkans region are well recognized, however, countries need to be more diligent in updating their strategic and regulatory documents. Countries are late with harmonization of legal acts and even more in delay with the implementation of innovations. Having in mind the nature of the process of digitalization, it should go in line with the market requests otherwise it threatens to remain at all times outdated and too expensive. Furthermore, these efforts should be complemented with ambitious campaign of raising citizens’ awareness about the benefits of digitalization. […]

The conditions and challenges for conducting online teaching in elementary schools

The Metamorphosis Foundation, within the project Open Educational Resources, supported by the Foundation Open Society-Macedonia (FOSM), conducted a research on the conditions for online teaching, focused on elementary schools in our country. The purpose of this research was to determine the conditions and challenges for online teaching in elementary schools in RNM in the period March – June 2020, and through empirical knowledge to give relevant recommendations for improving the situation and addressing the identified challenges. We hope that the analysis of the collected data and the recommendations given in this document will contribute to improving the situation with online ...

The electoral system remains a source of crisis in North Macedonia

With the latest amendments to the Electoral Code from February 2020, some improvements have been made, primarily in voter registration, in voting procedures, and in expanding and clarifying the competencies of the State Audit Office (SAO) and the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) on financial control. However, the election model remained with six constituencies (in the country) and with a proportional collection of results, favoring only the major parties and reducing citizen participation and cyclically causing political crises. This is the main finding of the Metamorphosis survey conducted in May 2020, as part of a regional project that […]

Anti-corruption reforms: SCPC and civil society organizations – rare lights in the tunnel

The work of the new composition of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the commitment of several civil society organizations and the prospects of the new Law on Public Prosecution are the only lights in the tunnel of the reform achievements of North Macedonia in the field of anti-corruption and the fight against organized crime in 2019 and early 2020. This is the main finding of a survey conducted by the Metamorphosis Foundation during a regional good governance project in April 2020. The enormous number of cases that the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) is facing and the cooperation with […]

Judicial Reforms: the legal framework is completed, EU is satisfied, but there are still doubts in the country

The key area for faster EU integration, the functioning of the legal state and the rule of law, in one word – the judiciary, is currently in a strange situation difficult to define. Progress has been registered compared to 2019 both in terms of the legal framework and in terms of advancing the practice in some segments of the judiciary. With the adoption of the new Law on Public Prosecution on the last day of the session of the Parliament, 16 February 2020, the legal framework was, de facto, completed. All key laws in the area referring both the judiciary […]

Media Reforms: Great Expectations – Little Achievement

Being familiar with the yo-yo effect in many areas that are critical to democracy in the Republic of North Macedonia, we titled last year’s media sector reform survey “Media Reforms – Never Enough”. We assessed this are as generally positive but also cautioned against the dangers if the reforms are not continued. An additional problem for the viability of commercial media is the pandemic with the new coronavirus and the disease it causes – the COVID-19. As part of the fight against the spread of the disease, despite restrictive measures by the state, the media is increasingly complaining that many […]

Public Administration Reform: The merit system remains a problem, while the digitization of services progresses

The reform of the most complicated part of society for reforming – the public administration – is advancing, though not at the desired speed and in segmentation. This would be the basic conclusion of the second consecutive survey of the course of public administration reforms that we conducted in January this year.

Research: Media – Never enough of reforms

How to reach the ideals of generations of idealists, people from all over the world, who have fought or are still fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of receiving and giving information via free internet space or traditional media? How free access to information and court punishments for insult and defamation, and other laws too, will not be a threat to freedom of speech and concurrently serve as a dam for the abuse of freedom of speech and media and a necessary level of protection of each person, including public figures too? Were the country’s media outlets […]