Balkan E-Waste Management Advocacy Network



BEWMAN (Balkan e-Waste Management Advocacy Network) is a partnership action supported by the Civil Society Facility of the EU Directorate-General on Enlargement through the IPA 128287 grant scheme.

The project is aiming to achieve the following results with its activities: increased cooperation and exchange of good e-waste management practices between all relevant stakeholders, raised public awareness about proper e-waste management, increased capacity of civil society organizations for lobbying and advocacy for proper electronic waste management, increased media coverage of e-waste related matters and a reduced number of devices that are still functional, but being disposed of.

The specific problems to be addressed by the action include

  • Low capacity of NGOs to deal with e-waste management.
  • Citizens and decision makers have low awareness of the consequences of improper e-waste disposal.
  • Lack of statistical data concerning e-waste.
  • Lack of networking structures at national and regional level aimed at tackling e-waste issues.

Period of implementation: December 2009 – December 2011