Creative Commons



Creative Commons (CC) serves public interest in a robust exchange of expression, knowledge, and art. Our first objective is to offer the public in Macedonia a set of copyright licenses free of charge. These licenses help people tell the world that their copyrighted works are free for sharing – but only under certain conditions.

The project was implemented on three levels covering: development of legal base for the establishment of a creative common structure, development of the technical base, and raising awareness among the interested community on possibilities provided by CC. For the purpose of developing the legal base, the national legislation was analyzed in order to assess the possibilities provided by the Macedonian Copyrights Act vis-a-vis the CC License. The national CC License was drafted with the input of relevant stakeholders. The wider interested community – authors, artists, academia, and other relevant national bodies were included in the project implementation by participation in carrying out several project activities, especially in the development of the national license and in the further promotion of the CC concept.