Media Fact-Checking Service



The 30 months USAID Strengthening Media in Macedonia Project – Media Fact-Checking Service Component implemented by Metamorphosis aims to empower Macedonian citizens to hold the media accountable, and to assist journalists in the implementation of their professional standards, by providing online tools and resources for public education and awareness raising. The purpose of the Media Fact-Checking Service Component is to increase the citizen demand for fact-based, objective and professional news and information.

The Media Fact-Checking Service Component is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society.

Expected project outcomes include:

  • Establishment of the Media Fact-Checking Service, which will provide:
  • The creation of a permanent public record documenting key issues related to media quality and accountability in Macedonia, through expert peer reviews and analyses published on website.
  • An open space for citizens and media professionals to hold a structured public discussion on issues related to the quality of media products, through the Service as an online platform.
  • A basis for advocacy for media accountability.
  • Increased citizen demand for fact-based, objective and professional news and information as a result of the published public education contents.
  • Increased level of public awareness about standards of professional journalism and application of critical thinking as a way to confront media deviations.
  • Increased awareness of media professionals about the professional standards enshrined in relevant codices, and their duty to seek and report the truth, in a transparent and accountable manner.