Model for Efficient Communication between the Commissions for Interethnic Relations and the Citizens (MEC)



The project aimed at improving the interethnic relations and strengthening the institutions of the system, in order to strengthen democracy in Macedonia and accelerate the process of EU accession.

Specific objectives of the project included the improvement of the capacities of the members of the Commissions for Interethnic Relations (CIRs) so that they would be more efficient, increase their visibility and ability to work within the frames of their legally determined competencies, through the use of new technologies.

The following specific areas were covered by:

  • Creating a communication platform for the CIRs – internally between the current members, between CIRs from various municipalities and the citizens, along with procedures and practices for use of this platform (an online information system) and additional offline activities.
  • Assisting the establishment of an institutional memory for CIRs through an archive of cases and decisions, as well as instructions and guidelines on the rights and obligations of CIRs, available to both the municipal administration and the citizens in general.
  • The platform was used in 4 pilot municipalities, but it was also available to all other municipalities, during and after the project completion, ensuring sustainability and an effect of replication.

The project enhanced the capacity of the Commissions for Interethnic Relations (CIRs) in four pilot multiethnic municipalities—Debar, Gostivar, Chair and Tetovo—through trainings, technical assistance, provision of equipment and software and conducting of public events.

The project significantly contributed to the increase of visibility of the CIRs and expansion of communication between the citizens and local government as a prerequisite for improvement of the management of interethnic relations in pilot communities and democracy development based on European values of tolerance and diversity.