Online Privacy Initiative



Metamorphosis will carry out an assessment of the practices and procedures of the institutions, organizations, and firms for handling personal data. For this purpose a special methodology will be developed by an interdisciplinary working group. The assessment will serve as a baseline study to further develop project activities.

Additionally, awareness raising campaign will be implemented targeting citizens, in one hand, and the personal data holders (companies and state bodies), on the other.

The working group will also work on preparation of the Macedonian portion for the Privacy and Human Rights, annual global report compiled by EPIC and Privacy International, through a designated workshop.

By the end of the project, Metamorphosis will conduct second assessment of target groups, providing verification of the project activities.

Expected results:

  • Increased public awareness of privacy and personal data protection issues
  • Increased implementation of the laws protecting digital privacy
  • Increased use and implementation of public privacy policies by companies, institutions and organizations